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Personalized weight loss programs that fit your unique needs and lifestyle.


Simple 3 Phase Health Program The lifestyle program that helps you achieve and maintain your healthiest weight.

PHASE 01: Real Food

Become empowered and regain control over your life, your energy, your food, and your health.


PHASE 02: Balanced Energy

We design a customized wellness breakthrough program with real food planning, custom fitness routines, and personal coaching.

PHASE 03: Body Positivity

We identify your unique medical needs and discover your psychosocial profile.


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21 Day Weight Loss Jumpstart Program

You have a vision of what your future looks like AND you have the ability to get yourself there using my step-by-step, medically proven formula for weight loss & diabetes. Picture the positive changes that await you in just a few short months:

Medical Weight Loss

Lose weight, boost your energy, and get your blood sugar under control with this personalized 21-day program.

  • Meal Planning & Nutrition guide
  • Initial personalized assessment 1-1
  • Weekly coaching call
  • Yoga video series

Medically Supervised Health Coaching

You are a unique individual with a unique combination of genetic tendencies, food sensitivities, stress management styles, gut function, hormone levels, heart health, personality traits, spiritual beliefs, mental habits, and support systems. Taking this into consideration, you get personalized goal setting and physician-based coaching to help you achieve your goals, no matter where in the world you are.

• Daily encouragement • Recipes & nutrition planning • Simple, easy to follow exercise plans • FACE-TO-FACE visits with Dr. Livengood through her secure virtual office.


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