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Natural Pain Relief


Find the right natural solution for your chronic or acute pain and improve your quality of life.


Pain comes in many forms

Pain comes in many forms: muscular, nerve or joint pain; chronic or recent onset. Finding the cause of the pain is important for finding the right solution, and no matter how long you’ve been in pain, there is a natural solution that can improve your quality of life right away!


“I can’t get over how different I’ve felt this week! My joint pain has decreased, I’m actually sleeping pretty well at night, and waking feeling rested. Overall I’m just feeling more positive!” ~ KG


Personalized pain treatments

One size of treatment does NOT fit all types of pain. Dr. Livengood is an expert at determining the type of pain you have and hence providing the most effective pain relief protocol specifically for you.


Chronic Pain Relief

If you’ve lived with pain for a long time, you are familiar with the limits it places on your activities and the time and money it consumes in trying to find relief. It may keep you up at night or keep you from exercising like you used to. It may take all your energy just to get to your pharmacy and doctor’s appointments for short-term relief.

Pain medications may help temporarily but do not resolve the root problem. Steroid injections deplete bone density and suppress immunity while becoming less and less effective over time.

Acute Pain Relief

A new sensation of pain, whether from illness, overuse, or injury, can stop you in your tracks. It may be burning, tingling, aching or stabbing. It demands your attention and may even impair normal daily function.

While a short round of pain medication may be helpful, natural solutions can get you back on track faster and without unwanted side effects from steroids or opioids.


Natural Injectibles: Biopuncture

Biopuncture is one of the best ways to support the body’s own healing ability specifically in the area that is under attack. Biopuncture combines homeopathy and acupuncture along with physical medicine principles to provide optimal pain relief. This is also backed up with modern research comparing homeopathic combinations with various other therapies and found it to be as good or better than all first and second line conventional treatments (1). One of the reasons biopuncture is so effective is that the appropriate homeopathic solution is chosen based on your particular type and location of pain and then injected into acupuncture points utilizing both Traditional Chinese Meridians and localized points. Relief is often same-day.

Other injectables include platelet-rich plasma or autologous allografts which stimulate regrowth of specific tissue in cases of damage or injury. Sometimes, nutrient IV therapy or oral supplements/compounded prescriptions may be recommended for deeper support.

The benefits of these natural injectables over conventional injections are:

  • Extremely low-to-no chance of rejection because the ingredients come from your own cells or sterilized sources
  • No impairment to your immune system or bone density. In fact, you’ll experience the opposite!
  • Little to no side effects or sensitivity potential
  • No medication interactions
  • Very fast results, sometimes same-day.
  • No limits on how many times you can get treatments Eliminate the source of pain rather than just masking it

Injections are done in the office and take about 15 – 30 minutes.

You will also receive a thorough evaluation on your first visit to determine the source and type of pain. If you need PRP or autologous grafts, then we will collect those cells from your skin or an in-office blood draw prior to the procedure. Dr. Livengood has extensive experience and training in biopuncture, IV therapy, PRP applications and is now introducing BioLab Sciences technology into these procedures.