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Before and After – Actual Patient – Spring 2019

Stop hair loss NOW and watch it grow back thicker and fuller.

Dr. Livengood’s penchant for studying the latest therapies combined with years in practice has led to her development of the most unique and effective hair restoration process available. In fact, it is now up for a patent due to the effective combination of two cutting edge therapies!


For years, she has used Platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) injections to promote collagen growth and joint repair along with hair restoration. Now, with the addition of targeted Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT), her protocol for hair restoration has reached a new pinnacle. The results are undeniable. After only one treatment, hair loss is noticeably diminished. With the addition of a precise combination of LLLT wavelengths and frequencies, hair growth begins to return within a couple months. Don’t be confused by all the generic red lights available on the market. The computerized program within LifeLight’s device allows Dr. Livengood to target hair follicles for this process, which is why you’ll see the best results here, at the Premiere LLLT Center in Arizona ™. While you will begin to notice improvement right away, most people see the most effects after 3 months of treatment, following Dr. Livengood’s protocol faithfully.
“state of the art double-pronged approach”