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Autoimmune Disease Treatments


Address the real causes of your pain, fatigue, and inflammation and find relief fast.


Personalized treatments for your auto-immune pain and dis-ease

Autoimmunity is multi-factorial and the combination that leads to disease is unique for each person. Basically, several factors have to be in place, and then a triggering event occurs. One of my unique approaches, that brings my patients so much success, is digging in deep with them to identify their personal triggers.


“I can’t get over how different I’ve felt this week! My joint pain has decreased, I’m actually sleeping pretty well at night, and waking feeling rested. Overall I’m just feeling more positive!” ~ KG


Personalized treatments

A customized treatment plan will be provided based on conventional and specialized testing plus your unique history and situation. See below for the most common treatment methods that have proven effective against the spectrum of autoimmune diseases.


Nutritional Support

Nutrients that are lacking due to an inflamed gut or a diet that provokes autoimmunity will be replaced through oral or IV supplementation. This is usually short-term until the gut heals and the appropriate nutrition plan has been incorporated into your lifestyle. (link to IV page, more info coming separately)

Mind-Body Retraining

These are a set of specific techniques ranging from meditation and mindfulness practices to Emotional Freedom Technique and specific cognitive behavioral therapies that you can master and practice as needed. These often can help you find and resolve the root cause of an autoimmune condition. (Link to a blog article on mental health awareness, which I will send)

Lifestyle Changes

Changing our lifestyle can be challenging, but as a former teacher and coach, I’m here for you every step of the way while you make powerful changes that improve sleep, body weight, mood, and energy. Think: customized exercise plans, sleep hygiene, and stress management skills.

Low Dose Naltrexone

Reduces inflammation at the root of the inflammatory cascade and targets autoimmune antibodies so those numbers actually decline. Learn more here.


Certain herbs, such as Ashwaghanda, also target autoimmune antibodies. Other herbs may be added to target your particular needs such as adrenal tonifying herbs or thyroid supportive herbs

Dietary Changes

Autoimmune conditions are invariably associated with a sensitive digestive tract, to varying degrees. Your particular sensitivities will be identified and neutralized through lab testing and/or personal history; combined with gut healing protocols, sensitivities and inflammation can be eliminated. One of two types of Dietary Cleanses may also be beneficial in clearing toxic build-up in the gut.


Thorough lab testing

  • Food Sensitivity Testing
  • Neurotransmitter Testing
  • Micronutrient Testing
  • Deeper lab testing often overlooked by conventional doctors

Example: Thyroid function is often tested by only TSH and perhaps T4. I also test the T3: T4 ratio which tells us about conversion issues and reverses T3 which tells us about your stress levels and metabolic response to stress. Finally, a full thyroid workup is not complete without looking for thyroid antibodies.